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Liquid or powder cleaning agents?

What kind of cleaning agents to choose - liquid or powder?

Type of detergent is a very often the first dillemma the potential investor must face. It is very important, key decision, because it determines the cleaning technology supplier, with whom you will work for many years. In the following article we will try to analyse this issue and dispel any doubts.

Powder detergents producers stress that they are cheaper, which is partially true. Partially, because the initial price difference quickly disappears. Powder cleaning agents need constant water heating (even in summer!), which drastically rises current car wash operating costs.

The powder is a friction material, which is not without influence on the varnish - in time this method of washing can lead to a slight matting of the varnish, and the formation of stains is practically unavoidable. The investor can also feel friction consequences - it reduces the durability of the equipment, especially expensive high pressure pumps.

One cannot also forget about the high concentration of phosphates, which increases the ecological footprint of the car wash, hinders obtaining necessary permits, and sometimes exposes it to unpleasantness from sewage recipients.

As you can see, the ostensible savings can become a trap, especially when all ecological standards are being constantly raised. Fluid detergents are eco friendly - no phosphates makes them fully biodegradable. It also ensures long and trouble-free operation of expensive car wash components while maintaining excellent quality of washing and reducing the cost of maintaining the facility. Car wash is an investment for years. Invest in the future technology today!

See how our washing agents work

The following film shows how effective our fluid detergents are

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