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Washing agents

EURO NANO - touchless foam

Alkaline concentrate intended for touchless washing of cars, trucks, tarpaulins, engines. The product is intended for use in touchless, self-service and manual car washes, with the use of atomizers, foam-forming devices, pressure washers, and the DOSATRON precision dosing system.

It can be used for preliminary washing and principal washing. Perfectly removes dirt, greasy stains and other typical road dirt. High-foaming preparation. The foam stays on the cleaned surface and moisten the dirt perfectly. Easy to rinse, no stains or damp patches.

EURO FOAM - colour foam

Highly concentrated active foam for automatic and touchless car washes with a pleasant aroma and various colours of foam, intended for preliminary washing of all types of vehicles. The product is designed especially to apply on the vehicle chassis. Ideal for TURBO BRUSH and TURBO FOAM programmes.


Waxing preparation dedicated for self-service car washes. It can be used with warm and cold water. Dostarton mixers in EURO-EKOL car washes should be set at 0.2-0.6%. The vehicle should be waxed according to the self-service car wash instruction. The product polishes the vehicle and significantly supports the process of spontaneous drying in connection with osmotic water.

See how our washing agents work

The following film shows how effective our fluid detergents are

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