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How to increase the profitability of a car wash?

Here are a few tips, how to make more money

Many potential investors as well as owners of existing car washes are wondering how to increase the investment potential. Our wide range of additional equipment will make it easier.

The basic solution that can enhance the turnover even by 30% is implementation of cashless payments (PayPass). Potential customers very often decide not to wash their car, because they have no cash - information about card payments on a billboard will draw their attention.

The customers are also happy to see solutions that improve the washing quality, such as turbo brush, removing stubborn dirt or multicolour turbo foam. Anyone who comes with their kids to wash their car with pink foam with the bubblegum scent, will surely become your regular customer :)

A perfect supplement to your touchless car wash is self-service vacuum cleaner and windscreen washer fluid distributor - the more activities the customers can do to keep the car clean, the less often they will visit your competitors. Also a beater and car mats cleaning handle or taxi magnet board will make your customers more loyal to you.

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